surveillance Hi, I’m yan, AKA bcrypt. I like information freedom, infosec, stunt h4cks, cryptography, an internet that respects humans, theoretical physics, and making electronic music. I dislike non-consensual power structures.

I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Brave and a Technology Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Before that, I dropped out of high school, got my B.S. from MIT in Physics, and started a PhD at Stanford before dropping out of that too.

I am reachable via SMTP at [first name] at [undergrad college] dot edu. My PGP key is in the strong set and available on public keyservers (BDE7 D508 3BB3 5EDC 7A66 BD97 388C E229 FAC7 8CF7). As a weak measure in support of the deprecation of PGP, I am strictly slower in replying to encrypted email than regular email.

Most of my work is open source on Github.


Specs and drafts: